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The Securis Story

How a computer resale business turned into the world’s only data destruction franchise

Securis was founded by Jeremy Farber, who attended The Citadel before starting a business selling computers on a brand new website called “eBay.” This was around 2000, when eBay was still shiny and new. Jeremy soon realized that he could generate higher profit margins by buying used computers, repairing and refurbishing them, then reselling them. He named his business PC Recycler.

One of the early breakthroughs for the business came at a computer trade show. Jeremy was approached by a large soda bottling company, which was looking for a responsible way to get rid of a huge number of old computers that were sitting in one of its warehouses. The bottler was impressed when Jeremy told him that everything would be refurbished or recycled — with nothing going to a landfill. Jeremy was impressed when he saw the size of this one customer.

“This place was huge. It was like a small campus,” Jeremy recalls. “(Their IT guy) just had all of the stuff piled up, and he needed someone to take all of the stuff away. The more I talked with him, the more I realized that this was a huge problem. They’re in the business of getting new computers in and installing them, but didn’t know what to do with all the old equipment.”

recycled electronics at our computer franchise

It was a massive job, and Jeremy knew it was going to be a huge undertaking. He agreed to do it if the local bottler promised to pass his name along to others in the company who could use the service. Then Jeremy rented a truck and got to work.

The demand was enormous. Soon, he was doing a job for a Department of Defense contractor, and the IT manager was concerned not only that the machines be properly recycled, but that the data on the old hard drives should be destroyed.

“We love the recycling piece, but, man, the information is so much more important,” Jeremy remembers the man saying. “What are you going to do with the information?”

Knowing that simply magnetically erasing data from hard drives might not satisfy IT managers because they couldn’t “see” the destruction, PC Recycler began punching a hole through the middle of the hard drives. The long view, though, became, “We need to figure out a system that is destructive…and fast.”

With the help of an engineering team, the company came up with the truck/shredder design that Securis franchisees now use.

Securis computer franchising truck

“Shredders had been out there before, but what we came up with in sort of a proprietary way was to put the shredder in the truck with the ability to power it,” he says. “We were fairly focused on how to do this quickly, safely and securely and how to create an environment where customers can watch if they want.”

Data security has grown into a backbone of business for Securis. As data breaches have increased, customers are increasingly choosing to work with companies that can ensure complete data destruction. Securis tracks each piece of equipment and provides a certificate of destruction to clients.

In 2013, we changed our name from PC Recycler to Securis in order to emphasize the data security aspect of our work. Customers pay franchisees to gather and destroy hard drives and remove old equipment. That’s the first major stream of revenue for franchisees.

Our recycling and refurbishment operation also continues to impress clients, who like knowing that they are being responsible global citizens by hiring Securis.

It’s something that Jeremy has been committed to from the very beginning. When he first started gathering computers for resale and refurbishment, he wound up with a lot of equipment and parts that could not be sold — but he wasn’t about to dump it.

“That just didn’t feel right. I needed to do something, and that is when I started to investigate the recycling side of it,” he says. “Common sense was telling me that it was metal, and metal had value.”

Now, scrap metal and the sale of refurbished equipment provides a valuable second revenue stream for Securis and Securis franchise partners.

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