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How Does a Securis Franchisee Grow His Business?

Securis technology franchises are easily scaled because of the repeat needs of customers — especially large customers

In an era of data breaches that regularly make headlines, the demand for secure data destruction is growing exponentially. The list of potential clients for Securis franchisees is seemingly endless. Look at it this way: How many businesses are in your community? Each is a potential customer.

There is no natural ceiling for how many customers you can serve. It is simple to scale up a Securis operation — as you grow, you can add trucks and personnel.

Compare that to the franchises that come to mind first for most people: restaurants.

Restaurants only have so many seats. No matter how many customers they attract, or how quickly they move them in and out, the number of seats limit how much money can be made. If you want to grow you have to sink a lot more money into another location.

How our franchisees grow

We eliminate a lot of barriers to growth. We have developed relationships with providers who can lease more trucks to you as you grow, enabling you to serve more clients and bigger clients. The lease option allows you to grow without a huge cash outlay up front, which makes growth a little less scary from a cash-flow perspective.

Franchisees grow through networking and sales. As you meet IT decision makers, you’ll have a chance to earn their business. The key to success is getting in front of the right people, and we’ll offer guidance to help. One of the nice things about our business model is that you will be able to profitably serve medium-sized businesses — and you also will have the tools you need to serve massive organizations, such as any large corporate headquarters in your city.

revenue growth for our technology franchise

What if you land a big fish while you’re still relatively small? Well, first, congratulations! That’s what we want you to do. Second, we have your back. Securis supports its franchisees by providing our own equipment and personnel to help process extremely large jobs. Remember, our income is contingent on your success. When we process the items you collect and resell them, then split the proceeds with you 50-50, that means we’re realizing a profit, too — and that gives us every incentive to help you reel in big customers.

Once you prove that you can handle the needs of a big customer, they’re likely to keep coming back. Most large companies are constantly updating hardware and eliminating old machines, which means you may be serving some customers several times a year.

Meanwhile, smaller customers will be singing your praises to their fellow IT compatriots who have closets full of old gear and are eager for a secure way to get rid of it.

The major key to growing your business is to be comfortable with sales. Network with business owners and IT decision makers in your community to identify the people who make IT decisions for potential customers.

inside our technology franchise for sale

Once you find those people, the pitch is pretty simple — secure data destruction and certifications that eliminate liability. Explaining the value isn’t hard. Can you cold-call your chamber of commerce and set up a presentation? Are you willing to get out and rub elbows? If you are, then the world of IT asset decommissioning is your oyster.

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