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Securis Franchise Training and Support

How do we help franchisees establish and grow their business? Read on.

When you join the Securis franchise system, you have immediate access to a business model that has been developed, road-tested and refined over time. This includes a database-driven tracking system that is a powerful tool for customers and franchisees, complete systems for security, marketing strategies and materials, and coaching to help you maximize sales and improve operations.

Get the right support to own a computer franchise for sale

We understand what it takes to run this unique type of business. Here are just some of the types of support we provide:

Initial training

Training begins with startup assistance, both at our corporate support center and on-site at your business location as you launch your Securis business. Our training is tailored to the experience of the franchisees, but generally involves one week of classroom and on-the-job training at our headquarters in Chantilly, Virginia, and three days of on-site training as you launch your business. We cover topics such as how we provide the various types of shredding, recycling and IT asset destruction services, and how those services help our customers. Other topics include how to manage business operations, HR issues and how to recruit and retain customers. You’ll get guidance on selecting your initial equipment and inventory and setting up your business so you can hit the ground running on day one.

Marketing strategies

Securis provides franchisees access to customizable marketing materials, a page on the Securis website and proven marketing strategies. We provide guidance on local marketing campaigns and outreach efforts to help you build your client base. Among the marketing strategies are community events, which involves holding electronics recycling events for residents in your territory. It helps get your name out in the community, it can bring in some extra revenue and it also provides a PR opportunity, since the photogenic events can be pitched to local media for coverage.

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Incredible tracking data

One of the reasons customers love working with Securis is because we provide real-time tracking of every piece of equipment we gather. Our proprietary system allows franchisees to track all types of data — such as how many pounds of electronic waste a customer has kept out of landfills, to name one statistic that clients love to share. The tracking system also makes it possible for Securis to accurately account for the items franchisees provide to the processing hub, which ensures that franchisees get their share of proceeds from resale.

Developing a system like this isn’t cheap. Securis has invested between $300,000 and $400,000 on the system so far, and we continue to add capabilities. You get the system the day you join the franchise.

Idea-sharing with fellow computer franchisees

You don’t have to listen to just us; you can hear from other franchise owners. We have developed an internal forum inside of Salesforce that franchisees use to communicate with one another, exchange ideas and make suggestions for ways to strengthen the company. Franchisees can also vote ideas up or down, which helps Securis HQ prioritize advances for the company.

We have also developed a living, breathing FAQ section that suggests answers as you type in questions. If a good answer isn’t yet available, we’ll add one. That way, our system gets smarter and more powerful every day.

We also provide an internal social media network within our Salesforce system. That social network allows franchisees to talk among themselves, privately. We know that you may occasionally want to leave us out of a conversation, and that’s O.K. We’re your business partner, not your hall monitor.

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