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Do I Qualify for a Securis Franchise?

You need to have an appetite for sales and networking. Here’s why.

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Securis franchisees should have $100,000 in liquid capital, the ability to obtain $100,000 more in credit, and $500,000 in net worth to get started. To thrive, though, you need the right attitude.

Securis is a B2B business model, which means you need to be comfortable going into the business community, making sales calls, networking, conducting local marketing, holding community events and identifying IT decision-makers in the businesses you hope to serve.

People who have IT industry connections will have an advantage starting out, and so will anyone with deep roots in the community, such as someone who has been involved in a local chamber of commerce.

Ed Beitel is a great example. Beitel is a former executive at a Fortune 100 technology company who sold servers for two decades. Now he helps dispose of old servers and other equipment for customers in central New Jersey.

“I am reaching out to the networks of business partners I have longstanding relationships with. I have quite a robust network of people who are not just business contacts, but people I have gotten to know over the years. As far as moving forward, I will be breaking down doors…”

Jorge Neyra is another example. The former D.C. management and technology consultant now co-owns a Securis franchise in Central Maryland with Paul Burke.

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Neyra says that for potential franchisees, “It’s best if they’re very outgoing and professional, and they have to be really sales-driven. Headquarters keeps saying that sales drive the company. I think an ideal franchise owner is someone who can bring a lot to the table — be sales-driven and get out in the community.”

Franchisees get a lot of help. “We have weekly meetings. They … share what’s been working for them and see if it can transfer to us.”

Securis CEO Jeremy Farber has been successfully operating his electronics recycling and resale businesses since 2003 and has developed marketing plans that help get Securis in front of potential customers. Once you get in front of the right person, the value Securis delivers is pretty clear.

“It’s not a hard message to deliver,” he says. “We take a huge problem that a lot of companies face, and we offer them a very easy and comprehensive solution.”

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