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What is IT asset destruction?

IT asset destruction provides data security to companies by erasing and destroying old hard drives so that the data stored on those hard drives is completely irretrievable. Securis uses powerful magnets to scramble the data on old hard drives; we also shred hard drives in an industrial machine that is similar to a heavy-duty wood chipper. The scraps are then recycled. The process protects companies and government agencies from losing sensitive data. Often, we’ll use both services in tandem to provide maximum peace of mind to clients.

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How long has Securis been in business?

Securis has been in business since 2003, but the name Securis is relatively new. Jeremy Farber founded the company as PC Recycler. As the business evolved, and as regulations were created to address corporate data leaks, Farber realized that many companies were concerned that the hard drives were not only properly recycled, but that all data on them was completely destroyed. The business was renamed Securis to reflect the company’s emphasis on data security.

How long have you been franchising?

Securis began franchising in 2013.

Why did Securis start franchising?

We saw an opportunity to disrupt the way electronics recycling has worked up until now. Our competitors conduct all of the processing facilities, sending trucks out nationwide to gather materials from large clients who need to get rid of huge volumes of electronics. When you have to send a truck several states away (and pay for the fuel to get there) it only makes sense to serve very large clients. Yet everyone needs this service. Securis realized that by selling territories to franchisees and helping them serve customers, we could eliminate a lot of the transportation costs and afford to serve more customers. Proximity also allows us to provide better service. Franchisees destroy the data, and we handle the processing, recycling and reselling, then split downstream revenues 50-50 with franchisees.

How do you track the money so franchisees always get their 50% of resold goods?

When franchisees gather equipment from a customer, they attach a bar code to the item and scan it, which enters it into our tracking system. From there, customers can see exactly what is happening to each piece of equipment they give to Securis and know the instant that each hard drive has been destroyed and how each computer has been responsibly recycled. The tracking code is scanned as the item is processed, and franchisees can see whether each piece of equipment was refurbished and designated for resale, or dismantled for scrap. If it’s resold, the franchisee will be able to see the sale price, of which they receive 50%. If it is scrapped, the franchisee will be able to see the weight of the components and how much value those components yielded on the scrap market.

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How much does it cost to start a Securis franchise?

The estimated startup costs for a Securis franchise range from $86,100 to $305,950 — a large range that reflects three main decisions: will you lease or buy the truck you need for the business, will you lease or buy the shredder you need for destroying hard drives, and how large of a territory are you purchasing? Typical startup costs are about $150,000, which reflects the choices most franchisees make: lease the truck, buy the shredder.

Why not try to do this on my own?

One of the reasons large clients work with Securis is because of our exceptional tracking system, which ensures that data leaks do not happen. Between $300,000 and $400,000 was invested in developing the tracking system, and you get it from day one as part of your franchise agreement. Securis also has deep expertise in evaluating equipment for resale and getting the best prices for items. Our expertise helps you get significant revenue from the items you collect without having to do all the work or bankroll all the overhead of a processing facility. Our processing hub makes you money while you sleep.

What do your certifications mean?

NAID certification comes from the National Association for Information Destruction. To earn certification, you have to submit to regular audits that ensure that data is secured and then completely destroyed. This includes securing data during handling, transportation and storage. Securis goes one step further by offering on-site data destruction to customers, using mobile shredders in our trucks. Some customers with especially sensitive data, such as defense contractors and financial institutions, prize our ability to destroy the data before it even leaves their loading docks.

R2 certification recognizes companies that keep electronics waste out of landfills. SERI, which maintains R2 standards and audits companies that have or apply for R2 certification, notes that while about 15 pounds of electronics are generated per capita, less than 20% of that amount was recycled in 2012. That’s terrible for the environment. In the past, much of the e-waste has wound up in landfills in low-income nations, where it far too often can harm the health of children living in slums. Nations including India have cracked down on unsafe e-waste disposal by issuing fines against companies when they find their discarded equipment in a landfill. Companies may not have meant for their electronics to wind up there, but unless they work with a reputable company that has R2 certification, there’s a chance it could happen, and they could be held liable.

How much are royalties?

Franchisees pay a 4% royalty on revenues from direct services (the collecting and shredding of equipment gathered from customers). Franchisees also contribute 2% of gross revenues to a marketing fund, which is used to help grow the brand and develop marketing materials and the Securis website. Franchisees must also spend at least 8% of gross revenue on local marketing activities, which are crucial to the success and growth of your business.

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Do I need to know a lot about computers or recycling?

No. While you will be working with a lot of IT decision makers, you don’t need to know a lot about technology. What you need is an enthusiasm for sales and networking, and an ability to follow systems. Our tight data security protocol is a major selling point for the business.

How do I make money?

You make money two ways: Customers will pay you to remove their outdated electronics and destroy their hard drives, and Securis HQ will pay you 50% of what is earned by processing and reselling the equipment you gather.

How do I get started?

To get started, fill out a form on this site and tell us a little about yourself. We’ll email you a copy of our free franchise report, and we will also call you to introduce ourselves, learn more about you and help you thoroughly investigate the Securis franchise opportunity. We look forward to speaking with you!

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