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Posted Jan 19th, 2015

How Securis Mastered Third-Party Logistics to Make Money for Franchisees

By providing asset removal, recycling and destruction, Securis becomes a turnkey provider for all IT-related remediation efforts

When someone opens a Securis franchise, they become part of a system that handles IT data destruction from start to finish, creating multiple revenue streams all along the way.

By providing electronics recycling and data destruction services, Securis offers consumers, businesses of all sizes and even government agencies a way to quickly and safely dispose of everything from mainframe systems to thumb drives. And because Securis can bring the shredding services to the customer, or collect and remove the items, it allows franchise owners to interact with clients of all sizes, in all locations.

Securis franchises and central processing hubs offer a secure IT asset destruction service.
Securis franchises and central processing hubs offer a secure IT asset destruction service.

Equipment recycling, removal both offer value

“Whether it’s someone wanting to get rid of a storeroom full of old PCs, or an event where we take our shredder truck and let community members dispose of old flash drives and other storage devices, Securis meets our customers where they are,” says Michael Stegeman, who heads up franchise development. “We provide the quickest and best way to take that equipment off their hands and dispose of it properly.”

That sometimes means just shredding hard drives, and other times it means that some pieces, such as cases or monitors, can be repurposed. Either way, franchise owners win because they receive a portion of the income derived from the sale of those recyclables, and they also get income from the proceeds of shredded scrap metal and plastic.

Bigger is better in the IT destruction world

With more than 10 years experience, Securis offers franchises the support of a national operation while letting them focus on growing locally. This is everything from providing customers with a bar code that lets them see the chain of custody of their old drives and devices from start to finish, all the way to providing a fleet of trucks for hauling scrapped and recyclable parts to central processing sites.


“We are so large that we are able to create savings at every level,” Michael explains. “Because we have so much scrap material to resell, we get better prices than a single franchisee would get for what he or she shreds. Because we have a fleet of trucks, we can pick up materials from them that they otherwise would have to ship, or pay someone else to remove. And because we have tracking systems in place, customers trust us to safely remove and destroy their old IT devices and drives.”

As Securis grows, he adds, franchises will be able to partner across a region to maximize their offerings even more, creating immediate revenue as well as more income from Securis as their recyclables and other materials are refurbished and sold down the supply chain.

“We’re going to see our growth really feed on itself,” Michael says. “We are a very disruptive business model compared to what’s come before in computer equipment recycling and IT data destruction.”

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Our system is carefully designed and is certified by regulatory groups and federal agencies. As a franchisee, you receive a proven process for handling highly sensitive data — a process that allows you to compete for business from the biggest companies and organizations in the world. Learn more about our company on our research pages, or download our free franchise report.

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