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Posted Jan 12th, 2015

Why Huge Government Agencies Use the Securis Franchise

Certified professionals and proximity to data centers are selling points for government contracts that benefit Securis franchise owners

Since opening more than a decade ago, Securis has been providing IT data destruction services to federal agencies. Along the way, it also has shredded tens of thousands of hard drives and other equipment for state and local governments.

Why? Because Securis is certified by the National Association of Information Destruction, and our environmentally sound solutions meet or exceed all NSA requirements. We are even certified by the Defense Logistics Information Service to store and transport military-critical technical data. This means our secure destruction specialists can issue a Certificate of Data Destruction that complies with any and all government regulations regarding data destruction. That’s huge for these agencies, and it also means a steady stream of business for local franchise owners who help service these contracts.


“Our emphasis is on data security,” says Michael Stegeman, who leads franchise development for Securis. “Other electronics recyclers are focused on repurposing those materials. We do that as well, but our No. 1 concern is the security of our customers’ data, and destroying that information quickly and completely.”

Multiple services mean steady business

Securis handles any hard drives, back-up tapes, CDs, cell phones, laptops, tablets, flash drives and even X-rays that its clients have. As a part of its government IT data destruction services, Securis also provides degaussing, or changing the magnetic field of media so that data is eliminated, before destruction. And when it comes to the shredding, items can be reduced down to bits as small as 2mm e-crumbs if so desired.

Those wide-ranging and comprehensive services helped Securis secure many government contracts when it began operations in the Washington, D.C., area more than 10 years ago, but it also has caught the attention of state and local governments.


“They have the same needs at those levels when it comes to secure data elimination,” Michael says. “And because our franchise owners are in those capital cities near state offices, and are in communities that have city and county offices, they are only a phone call away.”

Built-in client base for franchises

In fact, many of these governmental entities already are using Securis’ services, so when a local franchise owner sets up shop he or she will likely have access to large customers from day one.

“We have achieved all these certifications from many different agencies, and our local franchise operations can tap into that,” Michael says. “It’s a huge differentiator between a Securis franchise and a competitor, who’s mostly selling removal and recycling services with no guarantee of data destruction. It really sets us apart nationally, and will do so locally as well.”

Want more information on franchise opportunities at Securis?

Our system is carefully designed and is certified by regulatory groups and federal agencies. As a franchisee, you receive a proven process for handling highly sensitive data — a process that allows you to compete for business from the biggest companies and organizations in the world. Learn about Securis on our research pages, and request franchise information from our website.

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