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Posted Jan 14th, 2015

Why Financial Institutions Need to Hire a Securis Franchise

Close-at-hand IT data destruction is a valuable asset for those who deal with the most sensitive consumer and business information

Not that long ago, almost every bank had a shredder, or two, or three, on the premises. That’s because they understood customer concerns about data and privacy. Financial institutions feel the same way about IT data destruction, and that’s why they turn to Securis for quick, reliable service.

“They know they need their sensitive data destroyed, and in the past that’s meant shipping their old PCs and other devices with hard drives offsite,” says Michael Stegeman, who heads up franchise development for Securis. “The farther away that data goes, the more the issues increase with data security. Securis is right there in the community, and so we can serve that bank or financial operation at their facility, on a regular basis.”

IT data destruction can mean shredding whole server racks.
IT data destruction can mean shredding whole server racks.

It’s not just old PCs, either. Securis can destroy drives from mainframes, servers, laptops, scanners, cameras, flash drives or any other electronic device. As more of these are used to collect and collate information, as well as share it within a business’ operation system, that all-encompassing service is of great value.

Service in hours, not days

Securis also has multiple central-processing locations, which means its IT data destruction services can be provided much more quickly. Even if something can’t be destroyed on-site, it’s bar coded and securely trucked back to Securis’ hub facility for processing. Thanks to the bar code, the customer can follow its progress every step of the way.

“We come to our clients, and that means a great deal,” Michael explains. “They like knowing that their data never leaves their sight until it’s in our shredder. And even if we have to take a stack of old PCs back to the central facility, they are able to quickly go online and see exactly where those items are until the drives are destroyed. They know those drives never leave our custody, and just having that knowledge brings peace of mind.”

Government compliance made easy

Financial institutions also must show state and federal agencies that they have a data destruction program in place. Because Securis has secure destruction specialists who are certified by the National Association of Information Destruction, we can provide a certificate showing what’s been done. Financial institutions are quickly and easily able to meet those agency requirements.

More is better when it comes to IT asset destruction jobs, since more scrap means a higher resale value.
More is better when it comes to IT asset destruction jobs, since more scrap means a higher resale value.

“We make it seamless for our financial customers to stay in compliance,” Michael says. “We know that they are working hard every day to secure against online threats, but the old computers get piled up in a storeroom when the new ones arrive. Securis helps them shred any and all hardware so that no information ever leaves the premises unless it’s supposed to.”

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