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Posted Jan 7th, 2015

The Data Destruction Industry Is Bigger Than You Think

From racks of servers to thumb drives, data is everywhere — and destroying it effectively is a growing business niche

When retail giants Home Depot and Target reported technology breaches during 2014, consumers became more aware of just how easily their data can get into the wrong hands. Businesses of all sizes want to avoid this scenario, which is why IT data destruction is so important. And it’s much, much more than just overwriting the hard drive on the old PC that’s being donated to a charity.

“Any business that has a device that stores data is our customer,” explains Michael Stegeman, who heads up franchise development for Securis. “Everything is electronic now. All the information is on a drive. And there’s so much of it: think of a filing cabinet, with drawers, and folders in those drawers and then papers in all those folders. The amount of data can be amazing.”


More than just old desktop PCs

Hard drives are everywhere — in 2015, more than 2 billion devices will be shipped containing one, according to Gartner’s technology research. Phones, tablets, flash drives, cameras and laptops all have them. And when businesses are ready to replace or upgrade their equipment, all those old drives must be destroyed completely to guarantee that the data on them can’t be recovered. That’s where Securis franchise owners can help the business community.

Businesses are well aware that they have information that must be safeguarded, but they’re not as savvy when it’s time to dispose of it, Michael says.

“One misplaced hard drive, and that data is out there,” he says. “When that happens, it can be very detrimental to that company. They can be seen as untrustworthy, or uncaring, about the customer data they hold. That’s bad from a consumer standpoint, but it’s just as bad in a business-to-business setting.”

IT destruction must be permanent

That’s where Securis is a trusted partner. From the moment businesses call a Securis franchise owner, they know they can turn over their equipment and follow it every step of the way until they receive a certificate guaranteeing that the drives have been destroyed. Nothing is left on an unguarded warehouse shelf, nothing hazardous is shipped overseas. And our secure destruction specialists are certified by the National Association for Information Destruction, which sets Securis apart from its competition.


Being close to home is also what makes Securis different from its competitors. Other companies in the IT data destruction field only offer one or two central processing sites nationwide, so customers must send their items away and hope for the best. Securis bar codes each piece of hardware, so if it’s not destroyed on-site by one of our mobile shredder/chippers, it can be tracked back to one of Securis’ many central processing sites, where the destruction will take place within days.

“As more of business operations become electronically based, there’s more equipment that eventually needs to be replaced,” Michael says. “IT data destruction has been growing every year, and that’s going to continue as that equipment churn only speeds up. Because we guarantee that all data is destroyed, and that it’s done either on-site or in a nearby center, and is tracked the whole way, Securis franchise owners are able to provide peace of mind to their clients.”

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Our data destruction system is carefully designed and is certified by regulatory groups and federal agencies. As a franchisee, you receive a proven process for handling highly sensitive data — a process that allows you to compete for business from the biggest companies and organizations in the world. To learn more about our franchise opportunity, visit our research pages or download our free franchise report.

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