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Posted Feb 16th, 2015

Best Franchise Opportunity? How About a Franchise that Pays its Franchisees

Work done at franchises and rebates from corporate processing hubs mean two-pronged revenue stream for franchise owners

One of the realities of franchise ownership is the royalty payments made to the corporate owners. Those exist in the Securis IT asset destruction franchise model, to be sure, but they’re offset by the fact that corporate sends checks to its franchise owners, as well.


Why? Because when a Securis franchise shreds data asset devices, it builds a stockpile of plastic and metal bits. When that same franchise takes in old PCs and monitors, server racks and more for recycling, those pile up, as well. Eventually all these items are sent to the corporate processing hub, where they are either repurposed or sold on the international scrap market — never sent to a landfill — and the proceeds from the sales are split 50-50 with the franchise owner.

Make money twice from one client

What this means is that a franchise sees income from performing IT asset destruction, and then gets a second check from the sale of those assets down the chain, says Dan Mattock, director of franchise sales and marketing.

“Our system is very unique, and it really benefits our franchise owners,” Dan says. “Our processing teams are the best in the country, and they track this tagged equipment and material that we receive so that we know who to pay as soon as it’s sold. Whether it’s recycling or scrap, that franchise owner is going to see 50 percent of the price we get, and we process those payments rapidly so there’s not a big lag between the sale and the reimbursement.”

Bulk buying means better price

Another benefit that Securis’ processing hubs have is that they are selling tons of material, so they can command a better per-pound price — particularly for the scrap materials — than a single franchise owner would be able to get for his or her smaller stockpile.

It’s worth repeating that nothing hazardous ever goes from a Securis processing hub to a landfill, so clients at the local level can be assured that their materials are handled in an environmentally sensitive way. And because Securis is R-2 certified, the processing hub is able to provide documentation to the franchise owners showing that everyone in the recycling supply chain handles the materials properly. This is valuable not just because it’s the right thing to do, but it also demonstrates the lengths to which Securis will go to help its franchise owners succeed.

“Securis headquarters has a huge financial stake in the success of our franchisees, because we need those scrap and recycling materials coming in,” Dan says. “But they benefit from a significant source of downstream revenue, so really everybody wins. This is a very unique setup in the franchise world, where the money is usually just flowing one way.”

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