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IT Hardware Recycling Franchise

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Best Franchise Opportunity? How About a Franchise that Pays its Franchisees

Fees generated from onsite work pair up with reimbursements for recycled materials to create a two-pronged revenue stream for Securis franchise owners.

How Community Shred Events Help Build a Securis Data Destruction Franchise

A monthly shredding event, free to the public, promotes goodwill in the community and introduces Securis to potential clients.

Why Law Firms Hire the Securis Data Destruction Franchise

Secure, verifiable data destruction is vital when legal documents and other sensitive information must be destroyed.

Securis Data Destruction Franchise Review: Q&A with Ed Beitel

Securis franchise review: Tech-savvy data destruction franchise has a ‘built in’ customer base that will continue to expand, Ed Beitel says. See why he’s confident.

Securis Franchise Review: Q&A with Jorge Neyra

Securis franchise owner Jorge Neyra says attention to data security attracted him to the brand.

Health Care Regulations Create Need for Data Destruction Franchise

Strict medical record regulations drive need for data destruction franchise that offers bullet-proof process security.

How Securis Mastered Third-Party Logistics to Make Money for Franchisees

Asset removal, recycling and destruction are all provided as a turnkey service by Securis, allowing customers to use only one vendor for multiple needs.

Why Financial Institutions Need to Hire a Securis Franchise

Data theft is a nightmare for banks and other financial providers. Close-by, secure IT data destruction eliminates that worry.

Why Huge Government Agencies Use the Securis Franchise

Federal, state and local government offices maintain staggering amounts of data. They need a trusted partner nearby to guarantee its destruction.

The Data Destruction Industry Is Bigger Than You Think

From flash drives to camera cards, data is everywhere. Getting rid of it is a big business.