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Securis — The Most Advanced IT Asset Destruction Franchise

IT asset destruction is a rapidly growing industry worth billions

In 2015, technology companies will ship more than 2.6 billion devices containing hard drives, according to Gartner, the IT research and advisory company. They will be inside desktop computers, laptops, servers, phones, USB thumb drives, printers, copiers and other equipment.

IT franchise growth

Within three or four years, almost all of those items will be obsolete and will be replaced. When that happens, what happens to the old devices?

That’s a question that keeps IT managers up at night, because old hard drives still contain sensitive data, and simply reformatting a drive is not enough to erase data. A savvy hacker can easily recover “erased” data.

What we do

As the nation’s only IT asset destruction franchise, we make it easy for IT managers to get rid of old hard drives and know the data is completely destroyed. Securis provides hard drive destruction services, both off-site and on-site. How thorough is our process? It gets a thumbs-up from the National Security Agency (NSA). Our process includes both electronic media degaussing, which removes all data by demagnetizing the unit, and electronic media shredding, which grinds old hard drives into tiny scraps. That process meets or exceeds all federal government regulations, including those of the Department of Defense. Piecing the resulting scrap back together into a hard drive would be like piecing wood mulch back together into a cypress tree — and even then, data recovery would be impossible thanks to the magnetic scrambling.

Securis franchise truck

One unique aspect of our business is that we can shred hard drives on-site. That provides IT managers extra peace of mind because they can actually witness the destruction of drives containing especially sensitive information.

Securis is one of the most respected data destruction companies in the U.S., and franchising allows us to provide service to more companies, and better service to everyone, thanks to local franchise owners who are close to the people they serve.

Why companies hire Securis

Companies pay Securis to destroy their old hard drives. They also use Securis because we are a green business that recycles electronics, preventing e-waste from going to landfills.

Computer equipment contains hazardous materials and is often illegal to dump in landfills. That’s terrible for a number of reasons. From a business security perspective, you don’t want hard drives full of customer data or state secrets sitting in a pile where anyone can grab them and snoop. From an environmental perspective, no company wants to inadvertently contribute to environmental degradation. From a regulatory perspective, companies can face major fines for privacy breaches and for illegal dumping of equipment.

Securis franchisees work with local businesses to make sure all of their computer systems and IT assets are safely recycled and the sensitive data on hard drives is destroyed so that no data ends up in the wrong hands. Securis franchisees get paid to pick up obsolete equipment and take it off-site, where it is processed in our central facility. Depending on the equipment, it can be refurbished and resold for a profit or separated into parts and recycled on the scrap market. For sensitive data, our franchisees offer on-site hard drive shredding so data is destroyed to our client’s satisfaction and never leaves the site intact.

The massive costs of a data breach

avoid data breach costs with our IT franchises

The “average” cost of a single data breach in 2010 was a $7.2 million, according to the Ponemon Institute, which tracks data breaches. The direct financial hemorrhaging of a company’s bottom line is scant compared with the long-term damage to their reputation, which can take years to recover. During that time, there is an added loss of revenue from lost customers who might stay away for a long time.

Most companies now realize that they need to have things like firewalls in place to protect against hackers, but they may not realize how vulnerable they are to data loss when getting rid of old equipment. After all, an old computer hard drive — even one that has been reformatted — can contain recoverable data that could reveal Social Security numbers or worse.

To combat against this kind of data loss, many government agencies and large industries such as banking and health care now face regulations for decommissioning outdated hard drives, tablets and other types of technology with memory. The regulations are increasingly stringent, complex and fast-changing.

How IT franchise owners make money

Our biggest clients include banking institutions, health-care firms, data centers, information technology, government agencies, professional services firms and other organizations, small and large.

Securis provides a solution that has maximized convenience — and revenue potential — for franchisees. Franchisees serve customers in protected territories, which are designed based on the number of people working in a given area. That way, we ensure there are plenty of devices that need to be decommissioned and recycled.

Franchisees make money two ways: Customers pay franchisees to remove old equipment and destroy hard drives; that equipment and scrap is then sent to Securis headquarters where it is processed. We refurbish and add new hard drives to equipment that’s still in decent shape, and we resell it. Other items are taken apart and sold to scrap metal recyclers. In either case, we split resale proceeds 50-50 with franchisees.

The highest value is delivered when we are able to refurbish and resell equipment, but the e-scrap market is expanding extremely quickly. The market for e-scrap is expected to grow 322% from 2012 to 2019, according to Resource Recycling. By 2019, the market is expected to total $41.9 billion.

Why the Securis franchise gets stronger as we grow

Our franchisees provide one of Securis’ major advantages: local operations. One of the biggest expenses in IT asset destruction is transportation. Competitors in this industry use one or two processing facilities to sort and handle e-waste, and they send trucks cross-country to serve customers. The problem with that business model is that, because of fuel costs, it only makes sense to serve the absolute biggest customers. So local customer service suffers.

By having franchisees serving local markets, transportation costs are radically reduced, and customer service is improved. Lower fuel costs allow you to profitably serve smaller clients, and positive word-of-mouth allows you to penetrate the marketplace and win more customers and bigger contracts. Also, since transportation costs are lower, franchisees can help large companies save money and time. How? Great customer service. We can make regular stops to pick up old equipment so that it doesn’t pile up in a broom closet (which is something that happens with alarming regularity!).

As our franchisees’ warehouses fill up, we pick up what they’ve gathered, take it back to headquarters and transform it into cash. We regularly send payments to our franchisees — which is a nice reversal of the normal franchisor-franchisee relationship. In fact, we rely on our franchisees to make money. Your success = our success.

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